Lude's Cornerstone Farm
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Lude's Cornerstone Farm was established in 2008 by Josh and Andrea Lude. Lude's Cornerstone Farm (or LCF) is a smaller section of the main Lude Farm in Belmont, Ohio.
 ~ LCF raises grass fed Angus Market Beef (Sorry, we do not sell finished feeders or processsed beef).
~ LCF now only breeds a few AQHA and APHA mares a year, LCF strives to produce athletic and good minded performance prospects with balanced conformation.
Josh Lude is a full time employee of Consol Energy (Bailey), Andrea Lude was a Ohio University Southern student in Equine Sciences, Vet Assistant for Large and Small Animals, and now a Stay at Home Mom.

Josh Lude and Andrea Lude have two boys, Daniel and David Lude. Both boys are following their father's interest in farming and raising beef.

Josh and Andrea homeschool their boys and enjoy sharing the same interest and hobbies a farm life offers.

         In Memory of Our Late Stallion
 In December 2013 we purchased a very fine race bred AQHA gray stallion named Easy Smoker.
Easy Smoker was one of the nicest bred stallions we ever had the oppurtunity to own and stand.
He had a very nice demeanor and upbeat personality to go with his classic racing pedigree.
Easy Smoker's bloodlines included his sire Easy First Down, First Down Dash, Dash For Cash, Easy Jet, Oh Shiney by Three Ohs, and Jet Deck.....which were all on his AQHA papers.
In February of 2014 he was rushed to Ohio State University and was put under quarantine, he was very ill and was carrying a unusual high temperature. Within the week many tests were given and after 7 days at Ohio State he was diagnosed with Lymes disease.
In a week he progressed to feeling better, it was suggested that he would continue to have "episodes" which would cause his white blood cells to spike causing a temperature and in the long run more damage to his liver and kidneys.
We ended up very lucky for a year, he only had small attacks which was quickly over with treatments from our local vet. Til late spring 2015, he was suffering another attack while being stalled and treated for a small cut on his lower leg. We noticed though this attack was not so easily remedied.
We started to see him drop weight and being aggitated....which was not him. We treated him for weeks til he contracted a upper respirtory which weakend him considerably more.
In July, with the wet humidity, we came to a decision to lay Easy Smoker to rest, he did his best to stay in good spirits but his body was not recovering.
So I lead Smoke slowly up a hill side I picked for him, he looked across the hill, ears up as he watch his mares graze, and his progeny play.....and with our vet's help he took his last breath.
Easy Smoker was our best and our last stallion, I will not stand another......I often think of him and  hope he is resting peacefully, with no worries or pain.